Daughter of Fire, Dedicated to Aphrodite (daharja) wrote in dailyspiritwork,
Daughter of Fire, Dedicated to Aphrodite

PeacePledge community

This is a short advertisement for peacepledge - a community for people all across the globe who are willing to take a pledge of peace in their lives.

The Peace Pledge:
  • Peace: I will work in my life for peace and understanding between all peoples.
  • Ahimsa: I will not take any life - be it human or animal - nor will I allow others to do so in my stead.
  • Gaia: I will respect the earth, which is our home, and support those who protect it.
  • Honesty: I will not speak dishonestly about other people, spread rumours or dissent.
  • Charity: I will help those who are in need and who suffer.
  • Non-violence: I will not wage war or support it in any form.
  • Respect: I believe that all religions are worthy of respect.
  • Clarity: I will not take intoxicants in any form.
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