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dailyspiritwork's Journal

Daily Spirituality
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This community is intended for people who are interested in beginning or maintaining active daily spiritual practice of any type. Discussions can involve anything having to do with that maintanence--frustrations and triumphs. I envision this community as a place for people to come together to keep motivation higher. :) Your moderator (fhionnuiscetine) is an eclectic pagan and your co-moderator (catmcroy) is some variant of Wiccan (started Gardnerian; getting more freeform as time goes on), but this community is intended as an interfaith community. Please, no grandstanding, preaching, or similar. The basic concept I'll be using as mod here is that we, as people cultivating active spirituality, have a common ground through that.

Please use LJ cuts when appropriate, and in general just be a good LJ citizen while posting/commenting here. Thanks!
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