Eric Fritter Riley (fritterfae) wrote in dailyspiritwork,
Eric Fritter Riley

LiveJournal as a devotional space

I can't believe I never did this until just like 10 minutes ago.

I have a lot of icons of Gods, Goddesses, Animal Guides, etc. who are meaningful to me. Anyhow, I just made a private devotional post to Venus, using her icon, as I have here. Virtual altarspace with built in iconography. Also, the little eye that LJ uses for private posts just makes me think that someone's watching along with me anyway.

FYI: Google Image Search is a great place to find appropriately sized (or close to perfect sized) icons for LJ, especially of Gods.

Provided I could locate a full pantheon as needed, I think I will make this a part of my daily cycle of devotions. I write in LJ all the time anyway.
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